What to expect when your Solar Installation is complete

Choosing to install Solar in your home is a smart choice, and when you choose to partner with Going Solar you can expect guidance and support throughout the entire process.

Once your installation is complete there are a few steps to go before you enjoy the transition to clean, renewable energy in your home.
Our installation team will test the Solar System on installation day to ensure everything is in working order, and then switch it off.

    Approximately 10 days after installation, an independent Electrical inspection will take place. This is a requirement by law.

    Once the inspection is complete, your System will be turned on and start generating Solar electricity.

    Note: If access to your home is needed for the inspection, you will be contacted directly to arrange a suitable time.

      Safety for our installers is of paramount importance and if scaffolding has been used for installation, it will be removed asap.

        The Going Solar team will Register your system with your Inverter company.

        You will be required to register your email address and create an account via the following links:



        • You will receive an email with login details.
        • Allow 3-5 business days for this email to arrive

          We will send the relevant paperwork to your Electricity Retailer when the Certificate of Electrical Safety has been received.

          Your Electricity Retailer will then make contact for you to complete the Configuration of your Electricity Meter.

          Note: Time frames for contact can vary so ask your Retailer specifically about this. If you don’t hear within 5 days, give them a call.

            Our priority is to deliver the highest level of service and quality to our customers. Our ongoing customer care & support team will handle any issues, should they arise, in a timely manner.

              We will provide the following important documents for your records:

              • Solar User Guide
              • Rail/Mounting Certificate
              • Solar Panel Warranty
              • Inverter warranty

              IMPORTANT NOTE: Your solar system installation may be randomly audited by either Solar Victoria or the Clean Energy Council. If this occurs, you will be asked to provide the above mentioned documents.