Preparing for Solar Installation Day

At Going Solar, our goal is to ensure your Solar installation goes off without a hitch!
We take care of the entire process however, there are certain things the homeowner should be aware of so there are no surprises on the day.

We’ve pulled together a checklist so you are well informed and prepared.
We will provide as much notice as possible on the timing and date of your installation.
In most cases, residential installations will be completed within the day. If more time is needed we will advise you in advance.
Note: Installation can be impacted by a variety of reasons out of our control, and particularly inclement weather like rain, wind and extreme heat. In the event of inclement or hot weather conditions, your installation will be re-scheduled to another day.

    Be mindful that your power will be disrupted for approximately 30 minutes during the installation process.
    Plan ahead so there is minimal inconvenience to you on the day.

      Have the driveway clear of vehicles and accessible for our trailer carrying all system parts and panels.
      If the inverter is to be installed in the garage, we will also need clear access.

        If you’ve chosen a Enpahse or other brand inverter installation, you will be required to set up an online account prior to installation day.
        You will be provided with clear instructions on how to do this.
        Note: If no one is home on installation day, and we don't have your Wi-Fi details or the portal account has not been set up, an additional service fee applies if our team is required to revisit your home to set it up.
          By law your Solar System is required to undergo an independent Electrical inspection by Energy Safe Victoria before being used.
          Our installers will test the system on installation day and then switch it off until the inspection is completed, and the Certificate of Electrical Safety has been issued.
          Note: You will be contacted directly advising the time and date of your inspection. Allow between 7 – 21 days for the inspection to take place.

            As soon as the Certificate of Electrical Safety has been issued, we will apply for grid connection and the feed-in tariff through your electricity distributor.
            Your distributor will then liaise directly with your electricity retailer to organise for grid connection and meter configuration.

            Note: Grid connection and meter configuration can take up to 30 days. You can expect a once off setup fee to be included on your next power bill. The setup fee can vary however, it is normally between $50-$95.

              The solar industry is regulated for your protection, and we will provide all relevant documentation.

              Note: Your solar system installation may be randomly audited by either Solar Victoria or the Clean Energy Council. If this occurs, you will be asked if you have received various documentation. For example:

              - Solar System Manual, Rail/Mounting Certificate, Solar Panel Warranty, Inverter warranty

              Switching to Solar energy is an exciting time and the Going Solar team will guide you every step of the way!