8 Benefits of Solar

Thousands of Australians are choosing to go Solar in their homes and business. Why?
Because it's a smart choice! Solar electricity can be used to power households, commercial and industrial premises and provides the same power generated from fossil fuels, wind & hydro. People are motivated to go solar for different reasons and outcomes.

Below we explore the many benefits offered by going green with Solar.
Regardless of the type of system installed, you are guaranteed savings on your electricity bill. Further, if you were to choose an off-grid stand-alone system with battery storage, you could eliminate electricity costs completely.
    Solar power is pollution-free.

    The electricity produced from solar has no greenhouse gases whatsoever, which helps to reduce the effect of climate change. When solar energy is powering a home or business, there is no burning of fuel and no emissions from energy production. This helps to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oil.

      Solar produces renewable, clean power that is available every day of the year, even on cloudy days some power can be produced. estimates the increase in retail value of a home at just under $6000 per kilowatt of solar energy. This means if you install 5kW worth of solar panels it could add an additional $29,000 onto its current price!

        Origin Energy and state that 57% of homeowners in Australia say that they would be willing pay up to $10,000 more to buy a house equipped with solar.

          If you have a grid-connect solar system, power produced must be immediately used or it will feed into the shared electricity grid for other properties to use.

          For each kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity exported to the grid, that property will receive a feed-in tariff usually between 7 and 16 cents per kWh.

            With little maintenance, twice yearly cleaning, solar panels will perform at optimum levels for up to 25 years.

              Generous government rebates, interest free loans and other incentives are available to help with up front costs.

                Clean renewable energy is the way of our future. Every solar panel installed is helping to build a more sustainable future for generations to come.